Using Roccat Hardware with Linux

Stefan Achatz

Table of Contents

1. General
USB interfaces
Functional comparison
Linux driver
Actual state
Linux driver installation
Eventhandler configuration options
X-server configuration for mice
Alternatively using Windows driver
Additional tweaks
Checking real polling rate
Controlling autorepeat
Mapping keyboard buttons with xbindkeys
2. Arvo
Linux driver advantages
Windows driver fixes
3. Kone
4. Kone[+] Range
Customizing the firmware
5. Pyra
Linux driver advantages
6. Ryos MK
Eventhandler configuration options
Lua scripting of ripple effects
7. Valo
8. Provider identification

List of Figures

1.1. Kone interfaces
1.2. Xorg configuration for Kone
1.3. Remapping mouse buttons
4.1. KoneXTD hexdump of easyshift colors
4.2. Vertical scroll speed patches

List of Tables

1.1. Keyboard comparison
1.2. Mouse comparison

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