Chapter 2. Arvo

Table of Contents

Linux driver advantages
Windows driver fixes

Linux driver advantages

My Linux driver as some advantages compared to the Windows version:

  • The keyboard always starts up with gaming mode enabled, regardless what the profile setting is. My driver lets you set the mode key state depending on profile setting on startup.

  • I have added some special key events that Roccat didn't implement in its Windows driver. My software additionally supports

    • Quicklaunch

    • Profile up/down/circle

    • Open driver

    • Talk with Kone[+] as target

    Note that these events do not work on Windows and are marked with an asterisk in my software.

  • Changing the profile can be displayed on screen.

  • It's possible to use F6 for shortcuts (see the section called “Windows driver fixes”).

Windows driver fixes

The Windows driver version 1.28 has some problems. I provide a patch that fixes some of them. The problems solved so far:

  • F6 could not be used for shortcuts

  • GUIs "Save profile" Button crashed with "Encountered an improper argument" message on Windows 7 (and probably Vista)

  • Open exe dialog in "Edit profile" allowed multiple selections. If multiple files were selected, only path got listed in text field

Download and run this patchinstaller: Arvo128update1.exe

The patchinstaller is no complete driver installer but contains only the changes, so you need the original Arvo driver version 1.28 installed before you update. The installer was created with the freeware version of Patch Maker.